Scientific papers

PILC 2018: Entrepreneur to Leader

  • Leaders in sport
  • Entrepreneurship and investments in education
  • Lifelong learning: leadership or challenge?
  • From an entrepreneurial idea to a corporation
  • Leaders as drivers of economic growth
  • Digital transformation in business
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31.10.2017.
  • Full paper submission deadline: 15.01.2018.
  • Conference dates: 23. - 24.03.2018.
  • Authors will receive an official notification of acceptance

You are strongly encouraged to submit your abstract as early as possible to allow for sufficient time for writing and revising your paper. Notification of acceptance is usually made within 5 days after submitting the abstract.

Please format your abstract according to the following Abstract Template and e-mail it to

The abstract should be submitted in English and in one other language (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovenian or Croatian).

Full papers are due upon notification of acceptance, but no later than the deadline provided.

Please format your paper according to the Guidelines for Authors and e-mail it to

Full papers should be submitted in English or Croatian.

Authors should provide a signed evidence of proofreading.

Note that both the abstracts and full papers will be revised according to provided guidelines prior to admittance. Authors may be asked to revise their papers if they do not follow the guidelines.

This year’s international program committee is comprised of internationally renowned academics and/or professionals:

  • Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Vladimir Rosić, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Vidoje Vujić, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Karl Nilsen, Ph.D. (DE)
  • Albert Nonnemacher, Ph.D. (DE)
  • Akademik Marijan Blažić (SLO)
  • Velimir Srića, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Dušan Ristić, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Veljko Milutinović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Cvetko Smilevski, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • Oliver Momčilović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Vladimir Šimunović, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Peter Hohberger, Ph.D. (DE)
  • Vedran Mornar, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Nina Pološki Vokić, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Richard M. Brandt, MBA (USA)
  • Zoran Aranđelović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Slobodan Ćamilović, Ph.D. (BIH)
  • Slavko Arsovski, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Blanka Kesić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • Nenad Vunjak, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Kadrija Hodžić, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Lidija Stefanovska, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • Ljubiša Stojmirović, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Nada Kaiser, Ph.D. (DE)
  • Dragoljub Amidžić, Ph.D. (HR)
  • Srđan Krčo, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Ramiz Kikanović, Ph.D. (BIH)
  • Konrad Wrona, Ph.D. (NL)
  • Alexander Gluhak, Ph.D. (UK)
  • Naum Ilievski, Ph.D. (MKD)
  • Bisera Karanović, Ph.D. (CRO)
  • Carol S. Ham, MEd (USA)
  • Andrea Milić-Grenko, M.Sc. (AT)
  • Julie Sterrett, MA (USA)
  • Dragan Janjušić, Ph.D. (SRB)
  • Ozren Uzelac, M.Sc. (SRB)
  • Željko Sudarić, Ph.D. (CRO)

Members of the organizing committee:

  • Dean Gordana Nikolić, Ph.D. – President of the Organizing Committee
  • Martina Jurković, MA
  • Bisera Karanović, Ph.D.
  • Valentina Janjetić, MA
  • Valentina Vitenberg, MA
  • Nenad Antolović, MA
  • Dino Višnjić, MA
  • Dino Udović, student
  • Martina Perić, student

All submitted papers will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review.

Selected papers will be considered for publication either in the official Conference Proceedings
or in the Journal of Business Paradigms, depending on the opinions expressed by peer reviewers.
The official languages of the conference are both Croatian and English.